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    RageRaid Bug Reports
    The purpose of this forum is to collect issue reports across the RageRaid community. This forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues.

    Please be advised that this is not a discussion forum. This forum is a direct line of communication to RageRaid's support and issues department. Unless a support agent asks for more information, all the critical information of a post should be contained in the subject and first post.

    Every post will be responded to in some fashion before being locked. When a thread is locked, it means we have sufficient information on the issue and won't require any further assistance.

    The stickies at the top of the Bug Report Forum contain valuable information to assist you.

    Please read them before doing anything.

    Bug Reporting Guidelines:

    * Supply screenshots where applicable.

    * Provide as much information as possible; Provide your username and a brief description of the issue you are reporting.

    * Server Bugs

    * Forum Bugs

    * Please use proper English, do not use slang, abbreviations or other unclear language when describing the issue. We cannot address bug reports that we do not understand.

    * Create a single thread for each issue, lists of bugs are difficult to track and respond to, if you have multiple bug reports please verify that there are not already threads on them and then post them each in their own thread.

    Creating a Bug Thread:

    When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it.

    If you haven't found anything, start a new thread with your issue and put [BUG] in the subject while being as descriptive as possible. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads.

    Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct, leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue.

    Bug Report Format:

    Where is the bug located?
    Describe the bug:
    Provide screenshots:

    Feedback and Suggestions:

    We want to hear your feedback but it needs to be placed in the right forum. All suggestion or feedback posts should go on the General Discussion.

    Bumping and Spamming:

    Please do not bump threads or spam new threads on the same issue. All posts in this forum are read by a member of the support team in the order that it is posted. Bumping threads or spamming new threads on an issue does not help your issue get addressed any faster. Bumping and spamming slows down our process and actually delays bugs getting fixed.

    Deleting Posts Policy:

    Posts that have been determined to be Not A Bug, Invalid Issue Reports, duplicates without more information, or other reasonable posts to make on this forum but that have been disproven will be kept for 24 hours before deletion. If the original poster acknowledges his post before that time, it will be deleted immediately. Posts that are extremely off-topic and other posts that do not belong here will be deleted immediately. Deleting invalid posts helps keep the forum clean and organized for our support staff to sort through.


    When will a bug be fixed?

    Bugs are usually fixed in order of severity. We will order the list of reports we received from high to low and try our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

    Why was my post deleted?

    Please view our Forum Terms of Service at the following link:

    Why hasn’t anyone in RageRaid acknowledged this issue?

    Unfortunately, if we receive a large volume of reports, we do not have time to respond to every single post. Generally, we only respond to a post if we need more information about a report, or if we have confirmed that an issue will be fixed in an upcoming update.
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